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      1 Ari
      2 > a discord music bot
      4 Ari is a simple music bot that communicates through reactions. You can
      5 click the :play: reaction it adds to messages with youtube videos or
      6 audio attachments to play its contents.
      8 When Ari fails to play a song, it adds a :download_error: reaction to the
      9 message. You can click the reaction to get details on which songs Ari wasn't
     10 able to play.
     12 It supports these commands:
     13 `/skip <number>` - skips the number of songs. The number is optional
     14     and defaults to 1.
     15 `/stop` - tells Ari to disconnect.
     18 To run your own Ari instance clone this repository (link in the header),
     19 make sure you have docker and docker-compose installed, then fill in
     20 `BOT_TOKEN` in docker-compose.yml, and run the compose file.